Vijitha Shetty

Deputized Supervisor KG2

Ms. Vijitha Shetty, an integral member of GEMS Legacy School for the past nine years, holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Diploma in Montessori Education. Her expertise lies in collaborative teaching strategies and pioneering curriculum development.

With a commitment to fostering continuous improvement, Vijitha empowers educators to create impactful learning experiences. She envisions a culture that ensures every student receives a high-quality education, equipping them for future success. Vijitha's approach to educational supervision is characterized by collaboration and mentorship. Working closely with teachers and support staff, she cultivates a harmonious learning environment. By championing teamwork and open communication, she elevates the overall effectiveness of our institution.

Vijitha possesses a unique ability to implement forward-thinking strategies that adapt to the ever-evolving educational landscape. Recognizing the importance of technology, critical thinking, and holistic growth, she prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow through innovative teaching methods.