Right to Read

Right to Read – Reading Week at GLS

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.”
Reading is a joy. Reading lets you dream with your eyes open and travel places all over the world and beyond. We at GLS believe in the power of reading!
As rightly said by Mary Pope Osborne, “Reading is the passport to countless adventures,” and we want all our students to experience the escapades that reading can take them on. The Right to Read – Reading Week is an initiative by the school to enable each child to focus on reading for a whole week. Students and staff at the school during the Reading Week drop everything and devote their time in school to reading. Renowned authors, heads of schools, members of the Senior Leadership Team, teachers, parents and senior students read books from varied genres to the school students over 95 reading sessions, creating opportunities for them to become independent explorers, making connections to oneself and contributing to both local and global community. 
Right to Read is an opportunity for our students to learn about different perspectives and decipher why people do what they do. This exercise of being read to allows our students to enter the minds of characters and empathize with them.
Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives as we plan to take our Right to Read program to the next level.