Kindergarten Curriculum

Fostering curiosity and imagination

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach

In the Kindergarten, there has been a shift of focus in the learning domains from specific subjects and content such as English, Math and EVS to specific skills such as Personal Social, Emotional, Physical, Language, Mathematical, Creative and Enquiry skills.  Learning resources such as Science Fusion, Math in Focus, Frog Street and Raz Plus extend student learning and provide a solid foundation for language development, conceptual development and enquiry. A wide range of relevant, first-hand opportunities and multi-sensorial learning experiences are provided for all Kindergarten students to develop these skills in a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment. Learning Stations including technology and coding stations with engaging resources for purposeful play encourages personalized and experiential learning. The Kindergarten Curriculum is largely inspired by the Reggio Emilia enquiry approach - a unique enquiry driven approach to early childhood education. This is a child-led hands on approach, where the role of the teacher is only as a facilitator who observes, probes students’ thinking with provocations, listens to their questions and stories, finds what interests them and provides them with a range of materials and opportunities to explore these interests further.  In the Reggio Inspired approach children use many different ways to express their thoughts and creativity in the form of art, music, dance, sculpture, speech, pretend play, loose parts play and purposeful play using a variety of materials in their environment. With the Learner Creation focus this approach believes that children are capable of constructing their own learning, collaborating socially and communicating through their own investigations, with the environment as their third teacher.  

Key Learning Domains in the Kindergarten:

Language and Communication Skills
Physical Skills
Personal, Social, Emotional Skills
Literacy Skills
Numeracy Skills
Enquiry Skills
Creative Skills


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