Handwriting analysis and assessment

Handwriting analysis and assessment for Early Years and Lower Primary:

GLS collaborated with Melanie Harwood, Founder and Education Specialist at Harwood Education, who is an ardent believer that handwriting can shape the academic future of young students. Under the Start-Bee Handwriting program for educators, 105 teachers of kindergarten including the school’s senior leaders, who are the Literacy leads were certified and got trained to assess and build handwriting skills in very young learners.
Our kindergarten teachers are now equipped with necessary skills to assess and evaluate handwriting of our kindergartners and take necessary and immediate action to teach our young students the life-long skill of good handwriting through a structured approach. 
The tools of the trade are as important as the methods they use. Says Melanie, “Learning to write should never be associated with pain in hands, fingers, wrists, arms or shoulders. Using handwriting implements which have not been developed specifically for those who are learning to write can cause pain and actually do more harm in the long run.” In accordance with this approach, we look forward to implementing handwriting assessment and analysis in the Lower Primary as well.