Shyamoli Sarkar

TLC SST Grades 6 to 9

An intensely vivacious and fervid Teaching & Learning Coach for Social Studies at Gems Legacy School, Shyamoli professionally continued her journey from being rated an outstanding teacher to now a teaching and learning coach. The passion for her subject brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive work experience of over 14 years. Shyamoli is a skilled coach who believes in providing creative, innovative & engaging classroom instructions powered with technology to encourage educators and their learners to reflect on the SDG’s, habits of mind, problem-based learning, collaboration skills and real-life applications to everyday life in order to have a purposeful learning experience. She has been an active part of numerous exhibitions and performances in art and history. Her passion for Indian classical dance deepens the connection with culture and history.

As an Ailurophile, she firmly believes that pets enrich the classroom experience. Hence, she facilitates lessons on preserving nature and animals to make learning pleasurable and stresses on the learning that being concerned for animals ingrains a sense of responsibility and respect for life. Shyamoli believes with great certitude that children effectively learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival.