Shabnam Mohammed

Deputized Supervisor Grade 6

Ms. Shabnam is a dynamic math educator with a rich background in both education and finance. With over eight years of teaching experience at GEMS Legacy School, she has honed her pedagogical skills to inspire and empower her students. Prior to her career in education, Shabnam spent eight years in finance, where she developed a keen analytical mindset and a deep understanding of real-world applications of mathematics.


Shabnam holds a Bachelor's Degree and Master’s in Education, which she complements with her passion for integrating technology into her teaching practices. Her commitment to using technology led her to pursue Microsoft certifications in MCA (Microsoft Certified Educator) and MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate).


Driven by a desire to continuously improve her teaching methods, Shabnam has undertaken action research projects throughout her career. This research-oriented approach has not only enhanced her own teaching effectiveness but has also fostered a deeper connection between education and research.


Last year, Shabnam's focus has been on developing immersive lessons that make learning math both real and enjoyable for her students. By integrating interactive tools and multimedia resources, she creates dynamic learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles.


Shabnam's dedication to innovation and her commitment to student success make her a valuable asset to the educational community at GEMS Legacy School. Her blend of academic expertise, technological proficiency, and passion for teaching ensures that her students are well-equipped for success in the 21st century.