Rahila Erphan

Rahila Erphan

Innovation Leader

As a dedicated Innovation Leader at our school, Rahila exemplifies a commitment to fostering student excellence through a blend of competition training and technology integration. Rahila's multifaceted approach not only equips students with essential skills for competitions but also prepares them for a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Rahila's passion for nurturing student talent shines through her meticulous training programs designed to prepare students for various competitions. With a strategic blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, Rahila empowers students to excel in competitions across diverse fields. Through personalized coaching, she identifies and hones each student's strengths, fostering a culture of excellence and healthy competition.


Rahila's training methodology emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation, instilling in students the confidence to tackle complex challenges head-on. By providing them with ample opportunities for practice, feedback, and reflection, Rahila ensures that students not only perform well in competitions but also develop lifelong skills that extend far beyond the competition arena.

the forefront of educational innovation, Rahila seamlessly integrates technology into the learning experience. Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, Rahila leverages various digital tools and platforms to enhance teaching and learning. From interactive presentations to immersive simulations, Rahila's classrooms are dynamic hubs of technological innovation where students actively engage with content in meaningful ways.


Through technology integration, Rahila fosters creativity, collaboration, and digital literacy among students, preparing them for success in the digital age. Whether it's incorporating coding into the curriculum or harnessing the power of virtual reality for immersive learning experiences, Rahila consistently seeks innovative ways to leverage technology for educational advancement.

As a forward-thinking educator, Rahila understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest technological trends and advancements. With a proactive approach to professional development, Rahila actively seeks out opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills in technology integration. Whether through attending workshops, pursuing online courses, or participating in conferences, Rahila remains at the cutting edge of educational technology.


Her dedication to lifelong learning not only enriches her own practice but also ensures that students benefit from the most innovative and effective teaching methods. By staying informed about emerging technologies and best practices, Rahila empowers students to thrive in an increasingly digital world.


Rahila's impressive qualifications serve as a testament to her expertise and dedication to educational leadership. With a Bachelor's in Computer Applications (BCA), a Bachelor's in Education (B.Ed), and a Master's in Computer Applications (MCA), Rahila possesses a solid foundation in both technology and pedagogy. Furthermore, her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) from the University of London underscores her commitment to excellence in educational leadership.


Through her qualifications and ongoing professional development, Rahila exemplifies the highest standards of competence and leadership in driving innovation and technology integration within the school community.Rahila's role as an Innovation Leader transcends conventional boundaries, as she inspires and empowers students to reach their full potential through competition training and technology integration. With her unwavering dedication, innovative spirit, and exemplary qualifications, Rahila continues to shape the future of education, preparing students to thrive in an ever-changing world.