Quratulain Ibrahim

Islamic Education Coordinator Grade 6 - 9

Quratulain is an exceptional educator working as Islamic Education coordinator at GEMS Legacy school has consistently pushed herself above and beyond to ensure her students' success. She has implemented innovative teaching methods in Islamic Education, such as using technology and fun activities to engage her students and promote collaboration, that has resulted in significant improvement in student performance.

She has an exceptional style of teaching in which she can create an environment where learning is fun. Students respond well to her tactics. Islamic Education emphasizes Quran recitation, and she teaches students how to recite Quranic verses and use recitation skills in such a way that they can have a deeper understanding of them. Having worked as an Islamic Education teacher for 10 years, she has a wealth of experience in education. As a teacher, she excelled in her field and instilled Islamic values among students in a way that brought fruitful results. An innovative teacher of the year, she has been shortlisted for the Education Excellence Award for her contributions to Islamic Education.

Qualification Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Education and Arabic from University of Sargodha, Pakistan, Fazal Arabic from Jammia Umm e Aiman lilbinat, Pakistan, Al Shahadah tul Aama from wafaq ul Madaris, Pakistan, and an educational teaching license from ministry of Education UAE.

She also believes in being an active member of school functions and showing her support for the school in any way that she can. By using her creative ideas, she started many projects which bring deep Islam knowledge through real-life connections.

The best part of her teaching is notebook work, which she encourages students to do in such a way that it includes research work, critical thinking questions, challenging tasks, descriptive writing, think-out-of-the-box questions, and creative Arabic calligraphy writing.