Pearl Pires

Deputized Supervisor Grade 2

Ms. Pearl Pires is a young educational leader who is highly motivated and talented. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from St. Teresa’s Institute of Education, Mumbai.

Ms. Pearl strives to make learning accessible and gratifying for all her students by constantly challenging them to think beyond what they already know. She is an immensely promising educator who fosters a learning community that is respectful and resilient and builds students’ confidence alongside knowledge. She does this without compromising the high expectations she has of her students.

Ms. Pearl has been a part of Gems Legacy School for the last 4 years and is continually growing and learning through enriched experiences and opportunities. Her exceptional knowledge and skills distinguish her as an outstanding educator. These qualities have empowered her to take on a leadership role in guiding a team of teachers. Her profound understanding of effective teaching methods, educational planning, and student engagement strategies makes her an invaluable asset to her colleagues.

She is a very creative person who enjoys art and crafts, as well as dancing, singing, and baking. Her vision is to make every student love and enjoy learning.