Paramjit Singh

Head of Physical Education (PE)

Mr. Paramjit Singh is a driving force behind the physical and mental well-being of over 7,000 students at Gems Legacy School. As the Head of Department (HOD) for Physical Education, he spearheads a dynamic team of 13 PE instructors who contribute significantly to the holistic development of students.
Adept Coach and Leader:  Beyond his HOD duties, Mr. Singh is a highly regarded ICC Level 2 Cricket Coach. His coaching expertise extends far beyond the classroom, where he has trained numerous teams to victory in renowned tournaments like the Gulf Cup, 4 Nations Cup, GEMS Legacy Cup, IHS MSF, and DPS Sandeep Batavia Cup, Dubai School Games, GEMS Cricket Series and many more.
Building Champions:  Mr. Singh's dedication and coaching acumen have been instrumental in shaping successful cricket teams and fostering a love for the sport among students. His tireless efforts in leading school AAA activities further solidify his commitment to well-rounded student development.
Mr. Singh has taken the responsibility of organizing both Summer and Winter Camps, designed to instil confidence in our students and provide them with opportunities to explore new horizons. These camps serve as platforms for holistic growth, enabling students to discover their potential beyond the classroom.