Nikkita Suri

Deputized Supervisor Grade2

Embracing the belief that each child's journey is unique and unfolds in its own time, Ms. Nikkita Suri embodies an inspiring perspective. With a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in English, she embarked on her educational path and started her journey 5 years back at GEMS Legacy School. Having initially served as a teacher of English, she transitioned to the position of an English coordinator in 2019, and as of April 2023, she has risen to the position of Deputized Supervisor for Grade 2.

An enthusiastic proponent of educational innovation, Ms. Nikkita ardently champions the fusion of technology and learning, cultivating 21st-century skills within her students. Her unyielding commitment to amplifying student agency underscores her belief in every child's right to be heard. With a compassionate heart, she has worked diligently with diverse learners, including those with special abilities. Bringing out the best in every child is what she aims to cultivate.

Ms. Nikkita has also collaborated with the 'Sarthak' NGO, and contributed to crafting an inclusive curriculum for marginalized youngsters. This initiative centered on activity-based learning, nurturing fine motor skills, and fostering articulate expression. Backed by her education, unwavering passion, and rich experience, Ms. Nikkita possesses a keen insight into students' needs, guiding them to bring out the best within them.

During her leisure time, Ms. Nikkita enjoys exploring the world, gaining fresh perspectives, and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about delving into books that fuel her inspiration and guide her towards a more enriched life.