Neena Rosalind Cherian

Deputized Head of Lower Primary

Ms. Neena Cherian began her journey at GEMS Legacy School in 2014, as an outstanding Kindergarten teacher, who has made significant contributions to teaching and learning in the Early Years. Her approach to teaching involves building such communities through relationships with her peers while helping them form meaningful relationships with one another. Within these communities, she enables her peers to find their voices by modelling how to listen, to question and to disrupt in ways that encourage them to think deeply about what they bring to the classroom and how that affects what they do as teachers.

Neena is an immensely promising and talented educator who deftly fosters a learning community that is respectful, resilient and builds student confidence alongside knowledge and she does so without compromising her high expectations for students. Her joy and love for the children in her care shines through every single day and her enthusiasm infuses laughter and fun in the classes she supervises!