Muna Kamal

Deputized Arabic Supervisor Grade 6 - 9

Muna Kamal Ali is a leader dedicated to fostering future leaders. Her teaching philosophy is centred around sharing and evolving practices to meet the demands of a constantly changing world. Muna is committed to making a positive impact through education, understanding that while traditional academic success is important, the true essence of education lies in instilling personal values in students' lives.

Her vision involves continuously equipping herself and her team with the skills necessary to spark creativity and curiosity in learners, guiding them towards achieving their life goals. Muna focuses on creating lifelong learners through student-centred, project-based lessons. She integrates cognitive processes and technology, underpinned by a thorough understanding of educational standards and regulations, aiming to benefit students from diverse communities. Additionally, Muna is dedicated to contributing to the collaborative and innovative initiatives at GLS, fostering professional learning and sharing best practices with her team.

Muna's goals are centred around the integration of the three key components of academia—research, education, and service—into her teaching practices, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive educational experience for her students.