Leeann D Souza

Deputized Supervisor Grade 1

Ms. Leeann D’Souza has been a part of GEMS Legacy School for the last 3 years. She has a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from St. Teresa’s College, Mumbai. She is a passionate artist and ensures that she brings creativity into her lessons. She uses the Socratic method of teaching, turning questions back to the students, encouraging them to rethink their approach and arrive at solutions independently. She believes that every child is unique and so is their way of learning and hence constantly strives to make the teaching and learning experience enriching for all her students.

Her knowledge and skills set her apart and enabled her to lead her team of teachers in the best interest of the students and the school. She aims at building 21st century skills in students, thus fostering their holistic growth and development in a world that is rapidly changing.