Jenifa Damiya

TLC Math Grades 3 - 5

Ms. Jenifa Damiya is a devoted educator, fortified by a solid educational background and a fervent commitment to inventive teaching techniques. Armed with a Science degree and a bachelor’s in education, she radiates expertise in pedagogy. Her dedication to delivering exceptional lessons has been unwavering, earning her a reputation for excellence among her colleagues and students alike.

In her capacity as the Teaching-Learning Coach for Mathematics, Ms. Jenifa's impact goes beyond traditional teaching methods. She skillfully weaves real-life connections into her lessons, providing students with a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts in a relatable context. Through thought-provoking examples, she empowers her students to engage with history and societal dynamics in a profound and empathetic manner.

Since 2017, she has been the driving force behind curriculum planning and the orchestration of significant events within the mathematics department. Ms. Jenifa's proficiency in teaching and her commitment to her students' growth have been recognized through her accreditation as a Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE). Beyond her contributions to the academic realm, Ms. Jenifa's impact extends to the global stage. Her efforts in the realm of environmental education have been acknowledged by the United Nations, accrediting her as a Climate Change Educator. For the past five years, she has actively participated in action research initiatives conducted at GEMS Legacy School, showcasing her dedication to advancing educational practices.

An esteemed member of the Gems Legacy community, her aspiration is to motivate both students and colleagues, nurturing a forthcoming generation of well-informed, empathetic, and perceptive thinker’s adept at navigating the swiftly evolving world. Having accumulated a decade and a half of educational expertise, notably dedicating eight years to GEMS Legacy School, her primary focus lies in motivating young individuals to evolve into self-reliant learners. She furnishes them with the necessary skills for a lifelong journey of autonomous education.

Ms. Jenifa's educational philosophy revolves around fostering critical thinking skills in her students. She achieves this through the art of effective questioning techniques, nurturing their ability to analyze, evaluate, and comprehend concepts deeply. Her teaching methodology centers on inspiring young minds to become independent learners, equipping them with the tools needed for a lifetime of self-directed education.

Her profound influence on both students and colleagues has shaped GEMS Legacy School into an institution that thrives on academic excellence, environmental awareness, and the cultivation of independent thinkers.