Jamie Basilia Rebello

TLC Math Grades 6 - 9

Meet the incredible educator, Ms. Jamie Basilia Rebello! Ms. Jamie's superpower- Transforming students into empathetic, smart, and capable individuals. With a Master's degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor's degree in Education, as well as the excellent UNCC Learn Accreditation, she has also won the prestigious Recognising Endeavour award, in recognition to her outstanding efforts, from our school principal. She's not your ordinary teacher – she's a teaching rockstar!


Ms. Jamie is the captain of inquiry-based classes, where learning becomes an adventure and curiosity takes the lead. Think of her lessons as a series of captivating mysteries, where math and critical thinking unite. And her knack for blending math with other subjects- It’s like turning learning into a vibrant, interdisciplinary dance.


Hold onto your calculators, because Jamie is not just an educator. She is a friend, mentor, counselor, and problem solver all mixed into one. Ms. Jamie's classroom isn't just about numbers – it's a place where students shine as they explore various skills. But that's not all! Ms. Jamie's teaching methods are as creative as a painter's palette.


From dreamer to educator, Ms. Jamie knows that real superheroes don't always wear capes. Every day, she steps into her classroom aiming to create those "aha!" moments that make learning interesting. With Ms. Jamie, math isn't just a subject – it's a journey filled with excitement, and the best part…...You're invited to join the adventure!