Danica D'souza

TLC Grades 3 - 5

With a solid educational foundation and a fervent commitment to educational innovation, Ms. Danica D’Souza brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to our learning community as the Teaching-Learning Coach for Social Studies at Gems Legacy School.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, and a Bachelor of Education in History and English pedagogy from St. Teresa's College of Education, Mumbai, Danica stands as a beacon of pedagogical expertise.

Notably, Danica has received the distinguished Recognizing Endeavour award, a testament to her outstanding contributions, from the Principal at Gems Legacy School and also has secured the 6th rank in the CENTA Teaching Professionals' Olympiad 2022 for the Social Studies subject, showcasing her commitment to innovative and impactful teaching methods.

Danica's philosophy centers around nurturing the distinct capabilities of each student, fostering a creative approach through the infusion of art in the classroom. Exemplifying a tech-savvy educator, Danica brilliantly harmonizes cutting-edge technology that imbibes students with the 21st century skills. In her role as the Teaching-Learning Coach for Social Studies at Gems Legacy School, she not only enhances the learning experience but also masterfully intertwines real-life connections. Through thought-provoking examples, Danica empowers students to become empathetic learners, enabling them to grasp historical events and societal dynamics in a profound and relatable manner.

Outside the realm of education, Danica finds inspiration in the pages of fictional novels, enhancing her creative thinking, and also enjoys photography which allows her to capture the beauty of landscapes and fleeting moments.

As a member of the Gems Legacy family, Danica aims to inspire both students and peers, shaping a future generation of informed, empathetic, and critical thinkers prepared to navigate an ever-changing world.