Ananya Chakraborty

Educational Supervisor Grade 4 and
Head of Professional Development

Ms. Ananya Chakraborty holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and is a first-class first rank holder in her Master’s degree in Applied Chemistry (Environmental Sciences) from the University of Calcutta. She has fourteen years of experience in the field of education and twelve of them have been with GEMS Legacy School. As a diligent educator with an analytical mind and commitment to her profession, she grew in her role from an outstanding teacher to an educational supervisor in 2014.

Ananya strives towards achieving the best learning outcomes for the students under her care. She mentors her team members and enjoys her positive interactions with the parent community. She focuses on strengthening the bonds of the productive triangle which means better rapport between the teachers, students and parents. Being an enthusiast with a continued passion for learning, she has been recognized as a Microsoft Innovative Educator and accredited by United Nations as a Climate Change Educator. Her analytical mind allows her to be engaged in Action Research every year, where she researches on best educational practices to evaluate their impacts on student learning. In her role as the Professional Development Leader of GLS, she ensures that each staff member receives need-based professional development every month which, in turn, directly improves student learning outcomes.