Alaine Nicole Rebello

TLC English Grades 3 - 5

Let's dive into the exciting world of Miss Alaine Nicole Rebello, think of her as the education superhero who's been rocking the classroom for just as long – making learning an unforgettable journey.


Ms. Alaine takes on a multitude of roles in her teaching journey. Beyond being an English teacher, she's a mentor, buddy, counselor, and problem solver all in one. Her commitment to learning shines through her Bachelor of Education and a Master's degree in English literature. Notably, she secured the 9th rank in the CENTA Teaching Professionals' Olympiad 2022 for her subject. Her achievements also include being a UNCC Learn Accredited Teacher and a Microsoft Expert, showcasing her tech-savviness.


Now, let's get to the cool stuff. Ms. Alaine's all about creating an equal playground where everyone's a superstar. Within her vibrant classroom, Ms. Alaine employs a symphony of teaching strategies that cater to diverse learners and the demands of the modern era. She artfully incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), nurturing not only academic growth but also fostering eco-conscious values.


Ms. Alaine's teaching approach involves interactive co-teaching, fostering active student involvement. Through presentations and peer-teaching, she cultivates responsibility and excitement. And guess what? Ms. Alaine taps into healthy competition, fueling enthusiastic class participation through gaming elements included in lessons. But where did her passion come from? Back in the day, a teacher sparked her love for learning. Now, she's passing on the torch, making lessons go from "meh" to "woo-hoo!" – turning school into a wild adventure, not a chore.