Awards and Achievements2

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  • Green Flag Award

    KGS Green Flag

    The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai was recognized for the second year in succession and awarded the Green Flag (2016) by Hussain Abdulla Al Fardan, Director, ECAT for its continuing
    commitment and excellence in promoting Sustainability in the region and in the world through their actions to green the planet.

    The School’s Green Monitors, under the able leadership of Geoffrey Blaquiere and his team, carry out their duties with a great sense of responsibility leading to reduced water and
    electricity consumption and take an active effort to prevent wastage of water and paper in their classes.

    Children have been taking an active part in conserving wildlife and are engaged in understanding the habitat of the Hawksbill Turtle. They visited Oman to see the nesting of
    turtles and adopted several wild animals including the Amur leopard, elephants, The Bengal Tiger, pandas, koalas, turtles, dolphins and penguins to study the migration patterns and the
    efforts taken worldwide to conserve them.

    Students participated in a Beach Clean Up drive hosted by our school and invited other schools as well as KHDA officials to be a part of the event. They grew in understanding of the way the
    beaches and the water are being polluted with cigarette butts and came up with suggestions to prevent the same.

    Our very young ones are engaged in greening the earth, planting more plants in their hot house and nurturing the plants that are growing there.